philosophia naturalis


Band 49 (2012), Heft 1

Cord Friebe (ed.): Temporal Existence and Persistence in Spacetime

Cord Friebe: Preface

Yuri Balashov: Do Composite Objects Have an Age in Relativistic Spacetime?

Mauro Dorato: Presentism/Eternalism and Endurantism/Perdurantism: Why the Unsubstantiality of the First Debate Implies that of the Second

Florian Fischer: On the Asymmetry of Endurantistic and Perdurantistic Coexistence in Special Relativity

Cord Friebe: Eternalism and the Temporal Content of Persistence

Cody Gilmore: Keep in Touch

Thomas Müller: Indeterminism and Persistence

Thorben Petersen: Explicating Eternalism – A Study in Metaontology